Graduate Research Grant

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Graduate Research Grant is to encourage research in the field of Drama Therapy by providing funds to support research costs for students.

ELIGIBILITY/CRITERIA: To be eligible for this Grant, applicant must be conducting an approved empirical investigation about some aspect of drama therapy which will be undertaken as part of their thesis or dissertation in fulfillment of a graduate degree in drama therapy or an academic discipline related to drama therapy. This research may be qualitative, quantitative, or both and may utilize standard and/or Drama Therapy measurement methods. The research must have been approved by the student’s graduate committee and the University’s Internal Review Board for Research Projects.

While recognizing the importance of investigation of the artistic processes and aesthetic impact of Drama Therapy, the Grant Committee encourages research on the clinical process and/or behavioral outcomes of Drama Therapy. If the Grant application is for artistic process or aesthetic impact research, it is the responsibility of the applicant to make explicit the linkage between the clinical process and/or behavioral outcomes of the research.

TIME FRAME FOR RESEARCH: Research needs to be undertaken within the next calendar year after the award.

AMOUNT OF AWARD: Up to $300.

DEADLINES FOR SUBMISSION: May 15 and October 15.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Submit a cover letter which includes:

1. Basic contact information including: Name, Address, Phone Numbers, and Email.

2. Name of school, program and degree.

3. Problem your research will address.

4. Demographics.

5. The relationship and importance of your research to the advancement of Drama Therapy.

6. Brief Outline of Methodology to be used, including design, measures, and sample selection.

7. Plan for dissemination of findings.

8. Budget

Also include:

8. A Letter of Support from your faculty supervisor

9. A copy of the IRB Approval for your study.

Send via electronic mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or send 4 hard copies via post to:

Sally Bailey, Office Manager
The Drama Therapy Fund
1626 Leavenworth Street
Manhattan, KS 66502